Song of the Week: “Silent Lucidity” (Queensrÿche)

This week’s song is one that’s especially important to me. It’s funny how sometimes a metal band strays from their usual form to do a softer track and it turns out better than their other work (at least in my opinion). I’ve heard other Queensrÿche songs, and none of them really stuck with me the way this one has.

I’ve spoken in passing about how important “Silent Lucidity” was for me. There was a time in my life where music was my only constant, and I taught myself how to play this song. I played it so much that even though it’s been quite a while since I’ve played it, I can still remember at least some of it. The chords and solo aren’t there anymore, but most if not all of the rest of the song is. I actually first heard it in an episode of Supernatural, if you can believe it, but I guess we all come to music in different ways. Anyway, I’m certainly thankful that I did hear it and made the effort to find out what it was. It’s a beautiful track with powerful, soaring vocals and a truly fantastic guitar part. It’s absolutely, 100% worth listening to.

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