Song of the Week: “Tummy Ache” (Diet Cig)

I’m bringing you back home to 2017 after all these weeks of older music with a brand new song from an album that just dropped this past Friday.

Diet Cig is a relative newcomer to the indie pop-punk scene. They released an EP and two singles back in 2015, and now they’re back with a full album, Swear I’m Good At This. I won’t waste time here recounting their story, I’ll instead link you to this interview, which is where I would have drawn my information from anyway.

I saw the above article on Facebook, posted by an old college acquaintance who has a connection with the band. It was one of those nights where I decided on a whim to open the link when, in all honesty, I probably wouldn’t have on another night. I’m lazy about opening links and reading articles from Faceboook. Anyway, it’s lucky for me that I did choose to open it.

Diet Cig — and this song especially — remind me a bit of Honeyblood, and not just because both of them are drum & guitar duos. There are some vocal similarities, and the guitar tones are a pretty close match. I just feel like Diet Cig has a bit more of a garage punk edge lyrically and stylistically, while Honeyblood goes for a more indie poetic sound. Diet Cig doesn’t mince words; if you’re on the shit list, they’ll tell you, and they’ll tell you to fuck off (and in fact do, in “Link in Bio”). I think that’s what makes them stand out. They’re punk with a feminist edge and a devil-may-care attitude. In my experience it’s a pretty unique sound.

I feel like “Tummy Ache” summarizes the band pretty well. It’s about (I’m assuming here) front-woman Alex Luciano’s struggles with being a woman in a genre dominated by men — “It’s hard to be a punk while wearing a skirt” is probably the best lyric to explain that. It’s a strong message to women trying to break into an area that’s usually a boy’s club. It says that they can prove they’re just as good as, if not better than the men. And of course, they shouldn’t have to prove that women can do it too; people should be judged on merit and not on anything else. The song is about finding in yourself the confidence to follow and achieve your dreams despite the adversity you may face. And I think that’s an important message.

So I suppose it’s really, ultimately, about rebelling against the forces (and the patriarchy!) that try to push you down. And isn’t that what punk is all about?

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