Song of the Week: “Duality” (Slipknot)

I had nothing planned this week, so I thought I’d just drop in a song that I’ve been listening to frequently of late.

“Duality” sounds a little bit creepy at first, but after the first few lines it kicks up into a really high-energy track with a very noticeable Slipknot style. I suppose it sounds a little violent or horrible but Corey Taylor himself said that he didn’t mean it to sound like the narrator was literally pushing his fingers into his eyes. He intended it to refer to the way you might apply pressure to your eyes when struggling with a bad headache. He went on to say that the headache he imagined here was associated with making a choice, which I suppose explains the title. The song also contains the line “Nothing is what it seems,” which also fits with the title, obviously.

I’m not sure what I like about this one so much. It’s a really solid metal track, of course, and the chorus is really catchy. So I guess I just enjoy it for the sake of enjoying it. I don’t think there’s necessarily anything particular about it that I identify with or anything. Root’s guitars are impressive as always, and Jordison’s drums form a strong core for the song. Taylor manages to slip his range into the song really well — singing, screaming, and an almost unsettling deep voice on the verse segments (which are essentially raps). It’s a fun track, an were I to make a playlist giving an introduction to Slipknot, this would certainly be on it.

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