Song of the Week: “We Take Care of Our Own” (Bruce Springsteen)

Tuesday is the Fourth of July, so I thought it was high time we got The Boss in on our little series here.

When it comes to songs about America, there are two artists that come to mind immediately: Bruce Springsteen and Green Day. While the latter, of course, is known for their often scathing indictments of American governing figures and societal trends, the former more often than not celebrates our country. Sure, he has his own political views, but while Green Day was in the aftermath  of two, count ’em, two albums railing against the flaws in our little corner of the world, The Boss was singing about hope, love, and community.

“We Take Care of Our Own” is about as American as it gets, at least when it comes to the values we say our country is based on (how often those values are upheld isn’t really relevant right now). So it seems fitting that I share a song this week that should serve to remind us of how we should, as Americans, be acting. It doesn’t matter who you are or how we differ. We take care of our own; every American is just that: an American. We’re all entitled to the same rights and privileges. We are a nation of diversity, and we should embrace that fact. We didn’t declare independence just so we could deny it to our own people. This week I’m challenging you all to at least for one day forget any bigotry, hatred, or discomfort you might hold and embrace our differences as part of what makes us all American. After all, isn’t a celebration of our country and our people the whole point of the holiday?

I  mean, aside from the burgers, beer, and explosions, of course.

Have a happy and safe Fourth of July, everyone!

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