Song of the Week: “Beyond the Sea” (Bobby Darin)

I don’t think this one really needs any introduction.

There are three reasons I chose this song. First, it may well be my favorite song of all time, and certainly makes the top five. Really that’s kind of enough of a reason — this is my series after all — but I try to have other reasons when I pick songs.

Second — which ties into the third reason — I’m on vacation down in Florida right now, and where I am, 100.3 FM is “Legends Radio,” a station dedicated to “the Great American Songbook,” and features artists from across the generations. It recalls an era of music where talent, class, and musicianship were of prime importance (and these are still key elements in more modern incarnations of the genre). So I went with “Beyond the Sea” since I’ve got that genre on my mind right now.

Third, and as I said, this ties into number two, I can relate t the sentiments of the song. I may be with my father and grandmother enjoying my time away from the real world, but I’ve left the rest of my loved ones back home in New York. Like the song’s narrator, I’m missing home, a bit, and I’m looking forward to reuniting with everyone when I get back.

But first I should probably find them some souvenirs.

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