Song of the Week: “Beach Baby” (First Class)

I’m back from Florida and I’m going to take you back to 1974.

This is a live version, but except for cutting off the ending it’s nearly identical to the studio.

“Beach Baby,” along with “Hooked on a Feeling,” was one of my favorite songs when I was growing up. I can’t really describe the nostalgia I feel when I hear it, but it somehow makes me love the song even more.

So how funny is it that for the longest time I’d forgotten it existed?

No, seriously, I hadn’t even thought about it for ages until one day at work my iPod pulled it up on shuffle. It’s always fun when a song you didn’t know you had comes on and reminds you of when you were a kid with a cassette player.

Is that just me? That’s probably just me.

What makes this even better is the fact that I’m nostalgic for a song about nostalgia. It’s like nostalgia-ception!

Growing up I don’t really know how well I understood the song, but I think it was surprisingly well. I feel like I always knew that it was about fondly looking back at the past. Given that I didn’t have anything to look back on at the time. But I guess nostalgia is a universal emotion, even to those who have no reason to even know what the word means.

One of the reasons I picked this song — aside from the whole “fondly looking back” thing — is that I feel like not enough people know it. And I think it deserves to be heard. There’s something about it that just makes me love it so much. It’s catchy, it’s subtly emotional, and it’s just full of that kind of nostalgia that everyone can identify with.

Give it a listen; maybe it’ll give you something you can remember.

Do you remember on our Facebook page? (whoa-oh-oh), we told you hit the “like,” you said okay (whoa-oh-oh)…


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