Song of the Week: “Shadow of the Day” (Linkin Park)

By now everyone is likely aware of Chester Bennington’s untimely death, so we’ve chosen to honor him this week.

I’ll be honest, it’s been many years since I last listened to Linkin Park, and possibly even longer since I’ve listened to Dead by Sunrise, Bennington’s other band (which despite continuing to perform for years after, only released one album way back in 2009). So listening now to “Shadow of the Day” brings back a lot of memories.

I was a little hesitant about using this song, requested by typoattack himself, given the content of the lyrics. But our wise admin pointed out, rightfully so, that it was through songs like this that Bennington was able to work through his emotional distress, at least for a time. It’s pretty apparent how much of his personal struggle seems of have made its way into his work — just look at songs like “Breaking the Habit,” “Numb,” and “Crawling,” as well as Dead by Sunrise’s “Crawl Back In,” to name just a few. Addiction, depression, all of his demons are present in his work. While ultimately he only saw one tragic option to cope with his problems, his work is a testament to the man and just how hard he struggled and fought to get as far as he did.

If there’s a positive message to take away from this tragedy, it’s that Bennington’s work is living proof that if we never stop fighting, those of us with mental illnesses can go just as far as, if not further than neurotypical people. And I’m absolutely not saying Bennington stopped fighting; I’m positive he never stopped. If we all follow his example and throw ourselves into our passions, well, the fight gets a little easier. My opinion? Putting your all into you work, expressing yourself in the most effective way you can, working through your problems and feelings in a way that makes sense to you — these are all incredibly important, and I think doing this is the best way to honor Bennington’s memory.

Bonus: Bennington once covered Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep.” There was more to his talent than the raw, harsh screams he’s known for, and he could prove it.

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