Song of the Week: “Surprise, Surprise” (Bruce Springsteen)

Well, last Tuesday I turned twenty-four, and people will finally like me again. So I thought I’d be selfish and use this week’s song to celebrate.

Note: This post was intended to go live last week, but was moved for obvious reasons. Which works out for the best, since my mother’s birthday is this week and I can dedicate this to her as well!

It would have been so easy to just go with “Birthday.” After all, I’m a huge Beatles fan, it’s about birthdays, and… well I guess those are the main reasons. But that would have been way too obvious. “Surprise, Surprise,” however, is a bit of a twist. I do believe Springsteen’s more recent work is often dismissed in favor of his early material. While he’ll never be able to top classic albums like Born to Run or The River, there’s a lot of good material on his newer albums. And if anyone would be able to create a good, non-traditional birthday song, it would be (and was) Springsteen.

I’ve said it before and I”ll say it again: There’s a reason he’s called The Boss.

One of the reasons I think this is a better choice is that it’s a lot more tender than “Birthday.” The latter is sort of like a party — it’s loud, and raucous, and just a lot of  fun. But “Surprise, Surprise” is the more intimate celebration, the one you have only with your closest family members and friends. And that might be the most important celebration of all.

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