Song of the Week: “St. Marie” (Stone Sour)

So this is about a month late, but you know, there were other songs that had to be posted. So now that I have a chance I’ll show off one of the tracks from Stone Sour’s Hydrograd.

A while back I posted “Duality” by Slipknot, and even earlier than that, “The Devil in I.” So if you’re not super familiar with Corey Taylor’s work, you can get an idea from those two songs. Stone Sour is on the whole more “hard rock” than “metal” when compared with Slipknot, but even so, the kind of energy those songs carry is fairly typical of his work.

So you can see why this song is a bit of a jarring change.

Now, this isn’t the only time Taylor’s done a softer song — “Snuff,” “Vermilion Pt. 2,” and “Through Glass,” to name a few — but nothing like this. Those all still have elements of rock in them, they have a darker sound, they’re just heavier. This, though, this is just the opposite. It’s light and bright, and it has a slide guitar, which is really odd to see from an artist I associate primarily with metal.

It’s borderline country, really. Which if you know me, should be a mark against it, but honestly, it works really well. Taylor’s voice is incredible, and I always love when he shows it off more than he would in a song featuring his screams. There’s a level of emotion here that’s hard to find — just listen to the power behind his vocals in the last chorus.

When it comes down to it, this song really caught me by surprise — pleasantly, of course, otherwise I wouldn’t be featuring it here. Hydrograd is very much what I would expect out of a hard rock album, so naturally “St. Marie” would stand out. Thankfully it stands out in a very good way, and enhances the album rather than being a completely out-of-left-field track that ruins things.

As a bonus, since we’re on the topic of Corey Taylor, here’s a video of him performing “Every Rose Has Its Thorn,” in what might be my favorite video on the Internet.

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