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Mission Statement

When we started this blog back in 2010 we didn’t really expect it to become as big a project as it has now. We also didn’t have any sort of focus, and that’s still true, to be honest. But while that may basically be Internet suicide, this project was started as a passion project and still is. We wanted an outlet to write about things we care about and share our ideas. We believe that our site is accessible to readers of any background with any interest, because we have a wide variety of content. And we hope that you enjoy that content.


We are typoattack, Jorfimus Prime, Themotherflippingfox, and emptynight. We are four college students who all attended (or regularly visited) a high school that shall remain nameless, and we would like to share our thoughts to the world…

typoattack is our head editor. He likes to write about current events and other things that interest him.

Jorfimus Prime is our resident entertainment geek. He likes to write about movies, music, video games, and literature, especially science fiction and horror.

Themotherflippingfox is our resident rookie. She likes to write about literature and things. Yeah, things.

emptynight is.

Guest Authors

Anushka Mehrotra


Lorfimus Prime


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