Anecdotes: This is where you’ll find posts about our every day lives. We don’t talk about those all that much. But sometimes we do.

Current Events: Interested in politics, sports, or anything else relevant to the world we live in? This is your category. typoattack likes to hang out here.

Editorials: As it suggests, here’s where you’ll read our opinions and rants about things — industries, stereotypes, politics, life. If you want to know how we feel, without getting us on a psychiatrist’s couch, this is your chance.

Introductions: Mostly this is where we stashed the posts we wrote to introduce ourselves. You know, this category probably didn’t need explaining.

Jokes: A long time ago, back in our first year, we would scour the Internet for a great joke to post every week. This is where they are. Who knows, maybe we’ll start posting jokes again some day.

Photos: This is typoattack’s other favorite place, and includes the post that got us Freshly Pressed (see direct link below). It’s where you’ll find posts filled with photographs that will delight your eyes and  your mind with pictures and words… are we overselling this? It’s a category for posts with pictures. Really, we shouldn’t have to tell you that.

Reflections: This is where we store our most introspective posts. If you want to read about things like our personal beliefs, how we got to where we are, stuff like that, this is your go-to category.

Reviews: Jorfimus Prime calls this category home. You want books? We got ’em! Music? Grab your headphones or just crank the volume! Television and movies? Hope you have Netflix or some other streaming method. Video games? Prepare your thumbs. It’s our most populated and diverse category, get ready to learn about all your new favorites.

Uncategorized: If we have to explain what this means, we’re going to have a problem. Seriously. It’s in the name. These posts don’t belong anywhere. This the Island of Misfit Toys of blog posts.