Song of the Week: “Cliché” (Nalani & Sarina)

This month (we’re starting February a couple of days early), we’re going to have a month-long (but weekly) celebration of love. And I mean all kinds of love, not just romantic love. Sure, Valentines Day is this month, but not everybody is celebrating it. We like to be inclusive here.

I’ve talked before about this song, when I reviewed Nalani & Sarina’s Lessons Learned. But I’m going to talk about it again.

What made me pick “Cliché” to start the month off was the fact that it’s a bit more than your typical sappy love song. It hits on all of the most common metaphors for love, but it calls them out as being hollow clichés. The chorus claims “we’re more than just another cliché,” and I think that’s an important note that most love songs fail to hit. It’s all well and good to have a fairy tale romance, but real love isn’t always clean and perfect. And it should run deeper than any cliché could describe. If your relationship doesn’t have any substance beyond what you’d see on a movie screen, well, you’re missing out. The best part of love isn’t the perfection, but the imperfection. Working through things and strengthening and deepening a connection is more important than living out some sort of idealized romance.

And on that note, welcome to our month of love! Come back every Sunday, as always, for another song!

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