Song of the Week: “Stray Heart” (Green Day)

This week I have nothing topical for you, so have a post from my reserves. We’re jumping back to 2012 this week with a track from Green Day’s ¡Dos! Before I get into the song itself, I’ll let the music video, which I love, speak for itself.

Like I said, there’s not really any specific reason I picked this song other than the fact that I like it. And the music video. It’s not often that I really like a music video or find it particularly creative. That said, as fun as the song is, it’s basically the Foxboro Hot Tubs’ “Mother Mary” with a lot of bass. Which makes sense given ¡Dos! was rooted in their days moonlighting as the Hot Tubs (“Fuck Time” was actually a Hot Tubs song; legend says they liked it enough to play it repeatedly in a row at a concert once).

Speaking of bass, Dirnt’s work is really on-point here. As far as lyrics, it’s pretty much your standard longing song, full of self-blame and desire for things just out of reach. It’s nothing out of the ordinary, but it’s a fun song, for sure. I personally enjoy listening to it right after “Mother Mary,” but some people might find that to be too repetitive. It’s a song that stands out on a relatively weak album in a way most of the other tracks can’t even come close to — “Amy” and “Fuck Time” being the only other tracks on ¡Dos! that really stand apart from the rest of the pack, for me. For that alone, it’s worth a listen.

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