Fifteen years ago today, our nation suffered its worst tragedy in many years. Terrorists flew commercial jetliners into the World Trade Center and a wing of the Pentagon, killing thousands. I was in elementary school at the time, and was sent home early–the going rumors were that it was all an accident. It wasn’t until I got home, found that only CBS was on the airwaves, and saw videos of the attacks that I realized it was no accident.

I still don’t know if I have been fully able to process the magnitude of what had just happened. Many other people don’t have that luxury. Our own Jorfimus Prime lost someone near and dear to him on that day, and, like many others, is still deeply affected by his loss.

So today, stop what you’re doing for a while. Say a prayer. Remember those who lost their lives on that day, and those who still suffer–physically and mentally–because of what happened on that day.


Featured image is from the 9/11 Memorial website.


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